Steam shower

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TX202G model is a steam and shower wall with a capacity from 2.2 to 4 kW . The amount of steam produced depends on the power and ranges from 3 to 5.5 kg per hour , respectively. This model is equipped with H1 control panel unit that allows you to set the settings for the module remotely. The module is equipped with a steam atomizer burner, hand and static shower, so you can alternate the necessary procedures.
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TX202W steam and shower wall from TYLÖ is a device with a capacity from 2.2 to 4 kw . Depending on the power and settings, it can produce 3-5.5 kg of steam per hour. The design provides steam burner, hand and overhead shower. The latter can be adjusted in height and rotated by adjusting the direction of jets. On the sides of the module there are convenient shelves on which you can place various health accessories. The remote control is carried out using the touch panel H1 .

A steam shower is an excellent solution not only for the house, but also for the apartment. Because the constructions come in various capacities, you can choose options that give the required amount of steam.

The benefits of such solutions are clear:

  • A compactness, due to which you don’t need to allocate a big space for the shower.
  • A maximum simplicity of installation. You don't need stoves, sensors and other complex elements.
  • A combination of two functions: the shower and the steam room.
  • A greatest health and beauty benefits.

We should tell separately about the last point. The steam baths greatly affect the well-being - they relax, help relieve stress. And they also warm up the respiratory organs, facilitate the excessive sweating, have a good effect on the skin condition, make it more firm and well-attended. The effect of a steam shower is comparable to result of the SPA.