TYLÖ Sauna control panels

TyloHelo control panels are always an excellent solution for your sauna. The Swedish brand is well known to many steam room amateurs. It produces high-quality reliable products that have proved themselves very good in the market. The company's specialists always hold their finger on their own sphere’s pulse, and therefore they tend to offer clients only the most relevant and interesting solutions.

The benefits of TyloHelo control panels

Without getting into the details of specific models, the TyloHelo sauna control panels are:

  • A wide choice of settings depending on the stove capability and those functions which are necessary for the buyer.
  • Easy control, user-friendly interface. It’s enough to carefully read instructions one time so that there are no more troubles.
  • High level of energy saving. For those who is a consistent user of the sauna and device, the savings will be tangible.
  • A possibility to purchase a mechanical or automatic remote control. The second option is more modern, and the fans of taking maximum part in parameters setting will like the first option.
  • The stylish, precise and practical design. All TyloHelo heater control panels look great - the manufacturer cares about that the equipment doesn’t spoil the room appearance.

As for the functions, it’s is very different. The controls configure humidity, temperature, lighting, ventilation, etc. The more parameters are used in a specific device, the more costly it will be for the owner - but the capabilities received are certainly worth it. 

This is one of the few brands that allows its owners to control a sauna from a smartphone being away from home. This function was much appreciated by the owners of the houses that they rent out. 

TyloHelo sauna control panels with a steam generator (or without) are a practical and always justified choice for the most exacting customers. If you want the sauna to be comfortable, and the settings of the necessary parameters not to create problems, trust this well-known brand.

2 - 7 work­ing days
TYLO ELITE Control Unit is designed to perform with Tylo equipment, as well as with heaters from any other manufacturers. It has a touch screen, can combine multiple panels. It connects wirelessly to a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, so that all the settings can be conducted remotely.
5 - 12 work­ing days
TYLO PURE Control Unit is a touch panel for control over the stove, steam generator, lighting and humidity performance in the sauna. The technology has a delayed inclusion option, and the ability to get into connection to a door contact. TYLO PURE is designed for Tylo devices. Continuous operating time is from 1 to 10 hours.
5 - 12 work­ing days
With timer, max. 6 hours of operation, 0-9 hours. Dimensions: 195 x 255 mm, depth 89 mm (mounting dimensions: 167 x 227 x 49 mm), protection class IP 24, standard length of capillary tube 1.8 m.