Saunasteuerung Tylo Pure - 341,75 €

Control Unit Tylo Pure

TYLO PURE Control Unit is a touch panel for control over the stove, steam generator, lighting and humidity performance in the sauna. The technology has a delayed inclusion option, and the ability to get into connection to a door contact. TYLO PURE is designed for Tylo devices. Continuous operating time is from 1 to 10 hours.

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Tylö WE40 Relays for Pure or Elite

Tylö WE40 Relays for Pure or Elite

 2 - 7 work­ing days



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Why to Choose TYLO PURE Control Unit

The remote control of this model has a couple of advantages:

  • Plain and alternative installation system. The control panel can be installed both inside and outside the sauna.
  • Great opportunities to adjust the operation of the sauna. TYLO PURE control unit easily helps you turn the lights on and off, set a delayed inclusion, check whether the door is open or closed, is all very easy with. In some cases, you can not only adjust the settings, but also determine their importance relative to each other. Thus, when operating with increased moisture content and a high temperature (depending on specific parameters set), the system will first control one indicator, and then another one.
  • The laconic design that fits into any interior. This is an important factor for a sauna with an expensive finish.
  • Friendly control system. Indicators that control temperature, humidity, operating time and other settings have the corresponding icons, so it is difficult to get confused.
  • Availability of a whole range of error codes. If some kind of error occurs, just take a look into the instruction, find its relevant code and you will identify the exact reason. For example, the remote may indicate that the humidity sensor is faulty, or that the door was opened for more than five minutes with the sauna turned on. In the second case, the system simply shuts down and is ready for a re-start.

TYLO PURE Control Unit is an easy-to-manage, but very convenient and functional remote control. It enables you to control all the most important sauna parameters and get the most comfortable conditions for rest and relaxation. The technique is characterized by reliability, high quality and work accuracy.

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Data sheet
Supply voltage, phase:
400 V 3N~ / 2N~ / 230 V 1N~
86 mm
86 mm
Temperature adjustment range (min-max) C:
Delayed On Setting Range:
0.5 h-week
Lighting Control:
Ventilation control:
Smartphone control
Operating time:
1 - 10 h
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