TYLÖ Sauna heaters

2 - 7 work­ing days
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Sense – free your senses Sense is a brand new line of sauna heaters, combining sleek design with the reliable functionality and genuine quality of Tylö. Sense’s quick and pleasant heat, precise temperature control and smart Eco-functions will free all your senses. Stones are not included
2 - 7 work­ing days
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SENSE COMBI ELITE Electrical heater is the equipment, which can be installed either on the wall or on the floor (legs should be purchased separately). The simple, classic design of the product allows you to use it in any premise, and its compact dimensions will become an excellent solution for small saunas. Stones are not included
8 - 21 work­ing days
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SAUNA HEATER TYLÖ EXPRESSION has a classic design. The recommended size of the sauna room 10 m³ - 18 m³. The maximum amount of stones – 12 kg. Stones are not included Pay attention: for the models without remote control you’ll need to purchase a separate control unit, otherwise you won’t be able to use your sauna heater.

TYLO Electric Sauna Heater

Users from many countries around the world have long appreciated the quality of electric sauna heaters from the Swedish manufacturer TYLO. In 70 years on the market for Finnish sauna equipment, this brand has established a strong leading position. And after merging with the equally renowned company HELO, they were able to bring their electric saunas to almost perfection.

Buying a TYLO heater is the best solution for setting up a private or commercial Finnish sauna. In the Amilano online store, you can do this at an affordable price by comparing TYLO sauna heaters in our extensive catalog and choosing the suitable option for yourself.

TYLO Sauna Heater - Advantages and Selection

TYLO's Finnish sauna heaters have a range of advantages:

  • Quality. The brand's product reliability has stood the test of time. All electric sauna heaters are certified to meet global quality standards.
  • Versatility. In the range of sauna heaters from the Swedish-Finnish company TYLO, you'll find options for large and small spaces. Wall-mounted heaters from the Sense, Pure, and Combi lines come with legs and can easily be converted to floor-standing models.
  • Steam Generation. Thanks to the manufacturer's developments, sauna heaters for steam saunas produce the appropriate steam that adheres to Finnish sauna standards: fine-dispersed and dry.
  • Safety. Since its inception, the manufacturer has paid special attention to the safety of electric sauna heaters. Integrated controllers immediately shut down the heaters in case of any malfunction, preventing the occurrence of dangerous situations.
  • Control. Electric saunas are fully automated. Models like Sense Combi and Sense Pur can be purchased with TYLO control panels. For other electric sauna heaters, these need to be purchased separately, but they are always available in our online store and can be bought at an affordable price at any time.
  • Style. TYLO electric heaters are aesthetically pleasing and diverse. Round, long, and square streamlined forms, floor-standing and wall-mounted models in various colors - catering to every taste and design.
  • Price. Another advantage of the brand's heaters is their affordable price. You can see for yourself by choosing to buy a TYLO electric heater from the Amilano online store.

Before choosing the optimal option for a TYLO electric sauna heater, you should do 2 things:

  • Compare heaters based on the detailed information provided on the website.
  • Determine the required heater power. The higher this value, the higher the price of the heater. To avoid overpaying, it's better to plan ahead. 1 kW of power is needed per 1 m³. This means that for a room of 8 m³, a heater with a power of 8 kW is required.

Buying a TYLO heater at a good price is a wonderful choice for those who value comfort and enjoy gentle steam. By placing an order in our online store, you'll soon be able to enjoy the electric sauna.