Sauna Heater Tylö Sense Pure 6 kw, 8 kw, 10 kw - 1,240.31
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Sauna Heater Tylö Sense Pure 6 kw, 8 kw, 10 kw

The set consisting of TYLÖ SENSE MPE PURE Electric Sauna Heater and TYLO PURE Remote Control is an excellent solution fit for a sauna of 4-12 m³. This compact but functional stove has a stylish design and all the possibilities to make visiting of a steam room the most enjoyable experience.
Stones are not included
VAT included

Necessary accessories



 2 - 7 work­ing days


This heater has a great number of features and advantages:

  • Thermosafe coating - a unique processing of the outer casing of the stove. Due to this coating, the outside heater’s temperature does not exceed forty degrees - and this means that you will not be able to burn yourself when touching the surface.
  • Options to install the heater both on the wall and on the floor (on the legs). This is very convenient for small saunas in which the space is limited and there is a wish to highlight as many useful meters as possible.
  • Rapid air heating. The design is equipped with special compartments for uniform distribution of heated air masses.
  • Having a container for aromas. If you like aromatherapy, using TYLÖ SENSE MPE PURE electric stove it will be available at any time.

The device is made of quality materials, and the manufacturer has taken good care of the energy conservation. As soon as the set temperature is reached, the furnace stops its operation.

TYLÖ PURE Remote Control Capability

The remote control of this model perfectly controls the sauna. With it, you can make settings for lighting, temperature, humidity monitoring. It also helps to control the operation of a steam generator. The design takes into account the placement of the door: if it is open for a long time, the mode, which will turn off the working heater, is activated.

An important advantage of this remote is the ability to set delayed automatic start of the sauna. For example, you can do this while you go for business.

The design of the control panel is as concise as possible, however still stylish and modern. That is why it is suitable for any sauna. Installation is possible both inside a steam room and in any other premise.

Purchasing of a set including these two designs is the best solution for a small steam room, to the operation of which you have great demands. Using these devices, you will ensure maximum comfort while taking a steam and relaxing in the sauna.

Stones are not included

Data sheet
Sauna room height min:
1900 mm

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