Which may heat up the premise from other room

Furnaces that are heated from another (adjacent) room are devices with a so-called external firebox. The main part of the design is located in a steam room and a firebox is in a change room. These models have several advantages at once.

Advantages of Designs

  • Save space in a steam room. Since part of the design is located in an adjacent room, space can be saved within a steam room. This is especially true for small saunas.
  • Heating of an adjacent room. This stove operates on two sides, thus allowing you to maintain a perfect microclimate in a waiting room or in a break room (depending on the place of installation).
  • Ability to throw firewood at any time when it is needed - regardless of who is in a steam room and what is happening there in general.
  • Cleaner air in a steam room. If you open the door of the stove, in any case burning products go into the room. For a steam room, this is not very good, because there is a high temperature and the availability of clean air for breathing and well-being of visitors is extremely necessary.
  • An opportunity from a waiting room to watch how fire is burning in a fire chamber. This is true for furnaces with transparent tempered glass doors. This solution will appeal to anyone who wants to make a break room in the adjacent room. If you place a table and benches there, the fire chamber will play a role of a fireplace, making the room very comfortable.
  • Maximum cleanliness and a high standard of hygiene in a steam room. When heating a stove with wood or other solid fuel, it is still impossible to avoid the appearance of rubbish near the firebox. Chips, bark, and sawdust are to be cleaned constantly. If a firebox is portable, the problem with cleaning can be solved much simpler: this can be done once, after the furnace has already been used and no more fuel is required.

Installing a wood-burning stove with a portable firebox requires a professional approach to ensure fire safety and efficient heating of the premises. In addition, if everything has been done correctly, this design will be very convenient to use, as well as decorate a room, in which there will be a fire chamber.

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The  SKAMET ST-216  has a classic design and is suitable for smaller, woodburning saunas. The recommended size of the sauna room is  8 m³ - 18 m³ and the maximum amount of stones is 160 kg. The heater has a heat-exchanging unit for water heating (if you don't need it, you don´t have to use it) Stones are not included  -  Sauna stones